Senior Server/ Backend Programmer Role

Location: Central London (United Kingdom)
Type: Full Time

Senior Server/ Backend Programmer Role

Role Overview:

Mobile Games – Can be a fully based remote role or onsite in London, UK.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved in something big and reap the rewards!!!

Visa sponsorship!

Very good knowledge of AWS, REST services and realtime multiplayer service management/matchmaking (gamelift or bespoke solutions), ensuring optmized backend services for both cost and performance.

Ideally you should be well versed in C# which is the language for the whole project, including front end, rest and realtime servers.

In addition to that, experience with build automation and tool creation/automation of processes is a huge plus!!

Able to work in Unity (not essential BUT GREAT IF YOU DO!l), develop frontend UI and have a passion for mobile strategy games.

It will be a PVP game, mid core, think “clash of clans”.

Think how rich you would be if you were on the original founding team for clash of clans! This is that kind of opportunity!

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