Location: Sweden
Type: Full Time


Role Overview:

If you want to work in a place where people are nice, there is plenty of space, fresh air and clean water. A high standard of living. No crunch. You can actually have some free time and time to see your family. Good healthcare and excellent free schools.

Selling points of this company:
1. AAA console titles
2. Open world games
3. Proprietary in-house engine
4. Focus on procedural content
5. High staff retention rate
6. No mobile, only console titles
7. No crunch or burn out
8. Based in development hub in Europe
9. Havok physics engine used
10. State of art terrain tech
11. Recognition within team
12. Flat hierarchy
13. Not publicly owned, combination of publishers and self publishing givng financial security
14. Not a mega corporation, the founders still create games and are involved
15. Professional development emphasized
Required Qualifications

Strong Python (or Go, Javascript, Erlang, etc.) programmer
Solid experience developing for – and administration – of Linux
Experience with configuration management systems such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible
Experience with version control systems such as Perforce, Git, Subversion
Experience with continuous integration systems Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, etc.
Familiar developing and using REST-like APIs
Good verbal and written communication skills

Desired Qualifications

Experience with virtualization (ESX, etc.) and containerization (Docker)
Experience with Google Compute, AWS, or similar cloud environments
Database experience, with distributed systems such as Cassandra (prefered) or RDBMs such as PostgreSQL
Familiar with asynchronous messaging systems such as Google Cloud Pub/Sub or RabbitMQ
Experience working with distributed systems
Familiar developing for Windows
Familiar with C, C++, Java, C#, or similar

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