Java Developer! – Amsterdam!

Location: Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Type: Year

Java Developer! – Amsterdam!

Role Overview:

Super studio requires a Java Developer to support the Game Tech team with the project for an unannounced title.

Our Game Tech team

The Game Tech team builds reliable, maintainable and performant game systems. They work with e.g. gameplay programmers, designers and artists to give them the tools they need to build the game. Among other things, they deliver an animation system, a visual scripting system, part of the cinematic pipeline, high level streaming systems, the physics engine integration, an analytics framework as well as the networking layer for both game client and server.

To sync multiple game clients in real time we’re using C++ and a custom UDP based protocol. For everything else they use industry-standard web technologies: Java, Tomcat and Spring. The game communicates through REST and has a persistent HTTPS connection to receive notifications. We share as little state as possible between web instances and use Hazelcast to synchronize when needed. They use Linux on Amazon EC2 to host their servers and use other Amazon services like S3 and DynamoDB to store persistent data.

Please email CV’s and salary expectations to