Game Mechanics Programmer Cambridge

Location: South-East (United Kingdom)
Type: Contract

Game Mechanics Programmer Cambridge

Role Overview:

Do you have a grasp of how mechanics should feel from a player’s perspective?

Would you be comfortable in working with design teams in perfecting those mechanics?

This is a fantastic opening for a dynamic studio, the role will be primarily focused on player mechanics, the candidate would be experienced with physics, animation and network APIs, and the challenges they bring.

The Role

– Give the player a double-jump ability
– Give the player a barge ability that allows them to break through level walls;
– Develop a proximity-based jammer mine that can be dropped onto any walkable surface, and which invokes a signal-jammed message to the radars of any enemy players coming near to it.


• Worked on at least one shipped previous or current-gen title, using a parallelised C++-based engine.
• A strong passion for games

Interested….if so than please forward your CV to and one of our consultants will call you to discuss further