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Super new UI Artist role
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Role Overview:
Think of coastal islands and inland lakes, forests & mountains!
Based in Sweden for a well known console studio!!

Fantastic salaries depending on experience with excellent benefits!!

If you meet the below criteria than apply today!


3+ years of experience designing and implementing functional and elegant user interfaces from concept to completion
Examples of current and past work demonstrating a strong understanding of usability and composition
Fluent with Flash based interfaces
Demonstration of significant UI contribution to a shipped videogame title
Self-motivated, but able to take feedback/ criticism and properly reflect comments in work
Excellent team player with strong work ethic and a cooperative attitude
An understanding of and appreciation for milestones, schedules, deadlines and efficient game development processes

Desired Skills and Pluses:

Previous years of experience in UI design in the video game industry
Proficient in 3D & Motion graphics
Familiarity with Bethesda Software games, characters, brands and universes

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