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19 September 2016

Role Overview:
Fantastic AAA studio is in need of a talented Game Designer to join the design team The role requires a combination of skills and knowledge that cover different areas of game development.

•Work with the Lead World Designer and various level designers as part of a team developing content in an open world environment
•Work with the Creative Leads to ensure that the overall game narrative is fully realised within the game world, and that the balance between open world gameplay and progressive narrative drive is a seamless player experience.
•Crafting interactive narrative elements within real time gameplay (no cut scenes here! that tie together moment-to-moment action with a background story arc and in-depth characterisation
•Working directly with the writer to provide game hooks and context for all in-game narrative and dialogue
•Directly responsible for ensuring that all written narrative and dialogue is balanced and delivered at the right moment, ensuring a consistent level of narrative impact and gameplay guidance whenever required.

This is very much a hands-on / implementation role, generating the hooks and stubs for the scriptwriter to complete and ensuring his line are accurate to the gameplay and delivered at the right moment. This is NOT a writing role, although in the white heat of production you may end up contributing some dialogue to the project!

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