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Senior Level Designer - South East
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Role Overview:
The role involves level design in a collaborative multidisciplinary environment. You will drive the design of your level(s) from paper design to shipping product.

The Senior Level Designer will be:

-Responsible for the planning, level layout, setup and tuning of single player levels, from high concept to detailed scripting. You will use our visual scripting system to implement bespoke gameplay in the single player levels
responsible for the planning, balancing, setting up and tuning multiplayer levels, from high concept to internal focus testing; you are all about creating beautifully balanced Multiplayer gameplay spaces
-Able to collaborate with other designers, artists, animators and programmers to create levels that are not only incredibly fun, but also feel unique. You will have the ability and desire to work in creative and collaborative teams
responsible for acting as a mentor to other level designers and pushing your teams understand of level design theory whilst also monitoring the overall quality of level design throughout campaign and MP maps
-Able to conduct play-testing sessions and gather feedback and action points to refine the levels and gameplay. Take part in other play-testing sessions, providing feedback and suggestions to help fine tune and improve the game
responsible for implementing player feedback to ensure playability and appropriate level of difficulty
-Be able to understand the narrative and gameplay ambition for the levels and have a willingness to take design direction when offered
-Proactive in communicating progress and solving problems.


-Ability to communicate effectively with other designers, management and peers in other disciplines. You will be part of a multidisciplinary pod and must be able to work well as part of a collaborative team without losing sight of the gameplay vision.
-Must have experience within the community or for a shipped title with RTS Single player or Multiplayer map development
-One or more published AAA titles in an level design capacity
G-ame scripting experience using Kismet or similar visual scripting system
-Experience working with terrain mapping tools in a level editor


-Very good working knowledge of 3DS Max, Maya or similar 3D package
-Experience with a wide range of game genres including but limited to: RTS, third person, FPS, RPG and strategy games. -You should have a broad range of knowledge and experience of computer and video games.
-Ability to manage their own time and work within deadlines

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