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Senior Mobile Producer
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17 August 2015

Role Overview:
Have you got at least 3 years as a mobile game producer, then this job is for you! This high quality studio wants you. This is a super power company that will boost any CV. The Producer is responsible for the success of a product – he builds and runs his team, holds and communicates the vision, the bigger picture of the product. He drives exceptional product quality within the constraints of time and budget, while ensuring product goals are always aligned with internal and external requirements as well as expectations on all Levels.

Your responsibilities:
• Develop the project vision in line with strategic goals as defined with your Director
• Work with the PM & leads to set expectations (deliverables, quality, deadlines, etc.) and ensure they are communicated and understood by the team and all stakeholders
• Ensure that product quality and development goals are consistent across all specialties (Game Design, Art, Tech, etc.)
• Represent and advocate the game to central departments and stakeholders.
• Ensure the vision, product and project status are understood by all stakeholders
• Act as a buffer between your team and external stakeholders so as to minimize disruption and stress
• Set short, mid and long term goals for the project and work with the PM & leads to ensure the goals and timeline are communicated clearly
• Ensure the team has the tools and information required to complete tasks and reach goals
• Work with the team to ensure that the project hits its quality and time goals
• Escalate when the projects deviates from expectation (quality, time, budget)
• Communicate dependencies, game updates and risks to central departments
• Work with central departments to gather requirements and prepare the game for launch
• Work with the PM, leads & the team to resolve issues and sub-goal conflicts
• Work with the team to motivate them and encourage internal communication
• Work with the PM, leads & the team to continually optimize and improve communication and workflows

Your skills:
• BA or BS, or 5+ years’ experience in a managing position
• 5+ years’ experience working in game development
• 3+ years’ experience managing mobile game projects
• Track record of being the lead producer on 2+ launched titles in the mobile game space
• Thorough and precise work ethic
• Immaculate English language skills
• Strong analytical skills
• Strong knowledge of Free2Play products, KPIs, business model and user monetization
• Familiar with modern product management techniques and practices.
• Strong knowledge of current demands/trends in the mobile/freemium space
• Strong hands-on mentality
• Able to prioritize, multi-task and perform in a deadline oriented environment
• Exceptional leadership skills, motivating teamwork, performance and drive for excellence

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