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Producer - Mobile Game - Germany – Salary 54K EUR
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Role Overview:
In keeping in line with the business goals of the company, the Producer is responsible for the development of one or more games – from inception to launch as well as for the further development of the game after launch throughout the entire product life cycle. He/she is responsible for delivering a compelling and high-quality monetizing title on time and on budget.

Job responsibilities:
• Manage the (internal or external) development of one or more games from inception to launch
• Oversee the maintenance and further development of one or more games throughout the entire product life cycle (planning, implementation and controlling of product)Ensure that the team works with many different interfaces in order to pull together the resources required to create a game
• Plan all tasks and assets within a project and ensure adherence to a schedule based on certain specifications
• Develop strategies, give direction and plan for the long term if the project is not going smoothly or meeting its targets
• Help develop and evolve new and existing production methodologies
• Work with Executive Producer to plan and implement local enhancements/versions of the game(s) in order to successfully serve international markets
• Oversee the coordination of activities for the game in cooperation with the Heads of Game QM/Localization/Marketing/Sales/Game Design and IT
• Effectively communicate the core experience and vision of the game to other departments
• Ensure secure communications with other departments and work in particular with key reports to create an organizational structure and processes that allow the team to efficiently produce high-quality work on time and on budget
• Work with the analysis and game design teams in order to implement the best possible monetization plan to grow revenues
• Cooperate with the Finance department to prepare accurate and reasonable project budgets and develop the game within that budget
• Ensure the growth of the game(s) into successful IPs
• Assume responsible for the profitability of the game
• Assume responsibility for KPIs of the game: LTV, churn (active, pay), conversion rate, ARPU, activity
• Oversee the creative design and technical implementation of new game enhancements
• Lead and support the game team, provide direction, goals, mentoring, training, guidance and feedback to all of your leads and help improve the creative culture of the game team
• Passionately articulate goals and team principles to help form a stimulating and fun work environment
• Master the professional development of your people and help ensure that this studio employs the very best individuals
• Sell the value of your game(s) across the studio and our industry, including interviews and meetings with the press, partner companies, studio executives, etc.

Your skills:
• Minimum four years’ relevant job experience in the interactive entertainment industry or minimum two years’ experience in managing mobile games
• Strong understanding of free-to-play online products, business models and user monetization
• Numbers-driven and revenue-focused mentality
• Ability to prioritize, multitask and perform in a deadline-oriented environment
• Strong knowledge of modern product management techniques and practices
• Strong knowledge of current demands/trends of mobile games
• Awareness of current trends and consumer expectations
• Experience in a fast-growing (online) games company at an associate level at least
• Enthusiasm for box, mobile, and browser games
• Excellent communication skills
• Thorough and precise work attitude
• Willingness to work in a multicultural environment
• Outstanding teamwork and leadership skills to motivate team towards excellent performance as well as to develop team concepts and consensus-building management styles
• Strong English skills
• Strong hands-on mentality
• Strong analytical skills

We offer:
• A challenging and engaging software development environment with multiple proven and exciting games from start to end
• A professional and international team of specialists in all areas supporting you with extensive industry expertise
• Teamwork, quick decisions and possibilities to grow and supply your own ideas
• Career paths and options to develop further over time
• More than 300 Million Users waiting for your game!

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